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Philosophy & Work History

All industrial activities carry a potential risk.  The aim of risk management is to therefore control, eliminate or minimize the possibility of the risk of death, injury, illness, or damage to equipment or to the environment.   Whether your business is building a new facility or upgrading an existing plant it is essential that all risks be identified and addressed.

Cteris Consulting Inc. has considerable experience in the identification and reduction of process risks.  We are able to integrate all risk by completing QRA studies, PHA studies, SIL studies, and RAM reviews for existing and new facilities.   Our integrative solutions allow us to horizontally collaborate across all levels of our client's business, providing improved visibility and responsiveness throughout.  The final result of our enhanced cross-disciplinary approach, is the delivery of consistent assessments and facility management procedures, thereby providing greater utilization of asset capability.

Our operational risk consultants have consistently provided superior value and advice to our clients over the years.    As a result, our existing clients repeatedly request our services to solve difficult and complex safety, risk, and reliability issues and train existing management and staff.

Demand for our expertise is not limited to one field.  We serve clients in a variety of industries including: chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, refining, manufacturing, maritime, mining, utilities, and transportation.

Our personnel have completed projects and/or conducted training in the following countries:

North America:        Canada, USA, and Mexico

Middle East:            Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE

Europe:                  Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, and UK

Asia/Pacific:            China, India, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Australia

Africa:                    Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa

South America:       Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, and Venezuela

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